Every weekday morning the Love Cowboy helps out a listener seeking some relationship advice. This time he tries to help out Gina in Colonie who writes in to ask how she handles the guy that she is dating and his body odor. Gina has been dating her boyfriend for only a few weeks and been out a handful of times. She says she really likes him but he has a slight body odor. What should she do? Here is the Love Cowboy's advice for Gina.

Love Cowboy has been a staple on Brian & Chrissy in the morning on WGNA. Each weekday morning at 6:05 and 8:05 he moseys on into the studio to help out a listener with a relationship dilemma.

If you have a relationship question for the Love Cowboy, you can email it to Brian and Chrissy in the morning. mornings@wgna.com. Make sure you include your name and city so we can reference your email. Who knows? Maybe the Love Cowboy has some solid advice for you too.

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