A Queensbury woman is asking for help after she came across a treasure trove of history that seems to have been misplaced. Rachel Seeber-Conine has reached out to the local media and done some work on her social media platforms hoping to reunite hundreds of letters written by a World War II veteran stationed in Italy in the 1940's with members of his family.  Seeber-Conine unearthed these letters after a purchase she made in an old antique shop in Massachusetts.

According to News Channel 13's Mark Mulholland, Seeber-Conine's revelation came after she purchased an old stamp collection.  Much to her surprise, tucked away, she found hundreds of letters written to loved ones by Air Force veteran William M. Wilson from Norwich, NY.

He wrote these letters while stationed in Italy during World War II and chronicled his life, his adventures, food he ate even old photographs of himself as a child according to the report.

Seeber-Conine has made it her personal mission to try and reunite these riches with remaining living family members of Mr. Wilson, but unfortunately she's been unable to do so.  Norwich, NY is about two hours of west of Albany, but the way words spreads on social media these days, it might as well be around the corner.

A wonderful peak into the life and times of a father, grandfather, perhaps even great-grandfather awaits if Seeber-Conine gets her wish.  Let's hope Mr. Wilson's hand- written wonderment ends up where it belongs, home.

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