Whenever someone is in need of an organ, they get put on a list and just have to wait for their time. This local woman didn't want to wait and took matters into her own hands looking for a kidney.

Kathy TenEyck has been on dialysis and must go five days a week for two and a half hours a day after her Wagner's Disease diagnosis. Some patients are on the wait list for years waiting for a donor. If there was a family member willing to donate a kidney, she wouldn't have to wait on the organ list but no family member that can donate has the same blood type.

That's when her daughter suggested doing something outside of the box. According to News10 ABC, she told her mother to maybe try asking in her car window and people have responded but no matches yet. With the attention it's getting on social media, she's hoping she'll eventually find the perfect kidney.

For now, Kathy doesn't let this stop her and continuing all of the activities she did before but she just has to bring her medicine with her. She just hopes the right person reads her sign so she can live her best life.

If you think you might be a match and have blood type B or O, contact Kathy (518)-251-2551.

Also, the reason the wait list is so long is because there aren't enough donors to choose from. If you'd like to register to be an organ donor, you can do so here through the NY DMV.

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