Richard Burch says he tried to get the animals out, but the fire at his farm on Dewey’s Bridge Road in Fort Ann Sunday afternoon killed about 90 pigs and about 30 cows, was just too big.  12 Fire departments battled the intense blaze Sunday afternoon, and four firefighters have been treated for heat exhaustion.

Burch 71, and his wife have owned the farm for over 30 years and according to Newschannel 13, they didn't own insurance and estimate the damage at around 1 million dollars to his 350 acre property.  Burch claims he reached out to President Trump in the past to help him with previous financial woes, but has yet to hear back.  In addition to losing the animals and 2 barns, the Fort Ann farmer also lost his truck and tractor.

No word on whether or not a GoFundMe campaign has breen created for Burch or how he plans to rebuild, right now he's just trying to deal with the shock.  “I'm sorry I couldn't get my pigs out, calves,” Burch said.


Brian Cody
@niahammWNYT twitter

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