When the news broke that a helicopter crashed and took the lives of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the seven other beautiful people, the world reacted.  We all had different feeling and emotions and there was no 'right' way to process the tragedy as it hit us all on so many different levels. Parents and teachers have the unenviable task of trying to come to grips with their own feeling of loss, while simultaneously being there to handle the children's emotions as well.  How did teachers deal with the subject on Monday morning? This wasn't about a lesson plan, this was about a life lesson.   A beautiful and moving video has gone viral chronicling how some teachers and students dealt with grief and sadness on Monday morning, including some poignant and heartwarming sentiments from a group of 4th graders in Ms Kelly's 4th grade class at School 16 in Troy.  This is amazing and well worth a two minutes of your day.

This is from the Troy City School Facebook Page:

"Ms. Kelly's 4th Grade class at School 16 is featured in this national video about Kobe Bryant's short film, "Dear Basketball." Students watched the film and then wrote character traits that best described him and the actions that demonstrated those traits. Students wrapped up the activity by shooting a hoop in his memory. Check out the video! Our students appear around 1:47."


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