Voting for school budgets was last week and out of all of the Capital Region elections, one local district was the only budget to not pass which may be an end to important programs.

The Johnstown School District budget failed to pass in last week's elections, according to News10. Now, to cover funds, the district is looking to cut important programs if voters reject the next revision in June. Kindergarten and varsity sports are not mandated by the state so they would be the first programs to go.

Originally, their budget could have to increase taxes, eliminate 13 staff positions, and three sports teams in the district but it was voted down. Now, they're hoping to reduce the taxes marginally so as to not be put on a contingency budget. If the vote doesn't pass the second time around, they would have to cut not only kindergarten and varsity sports, but many extracurricular activities as well.

These, of course, are potential for their worse case scenario and the Board President is confident that they won't end up having to cut kindergarten as a result. They won't know officially until June 19th, the second voting, where 60% of taxpayers must approve it.

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