Alright, so all the time we see articles come out saying this national chain is coming to the Capital Region. We never hear of any local businesses going national. Here are a few that should.

We have so many great restaurants in the Capital Region. Whether it be a really awesome sub shop or a great bar we have many. Here is a short list of a few I would like to see all throughout the country or at least a good portion of it

First on my list is Deli and Brew by HVCC in Troy. I mean yes I want to see this become a chain, I would first like to see this become a chain in the Capital Region. I hate that they only have one location around seeing as I am always going out of my way to grab a good mix sub. If you have never had a Deli and Brew sub, I highly suggest you try out their Monster Mix.

Delmonico's is also from what I hear an amazing place. This one is a suggestion from a co-worker on a sister station of ours. I have actually failed at my duty as a resident of the Capital Region by not going to one of their locations at least once. I feel I may also have failed as an Italian as well.

Now for a bar that maybe should be local. Kind of like a Hooters of sorts or a bar that has national notoriety. How about Wolfs 1-11? I think their menu for food far exceeds bar food. Their drink menu is fantastic and they also have a massive arcade area. I think this can appeal to many different demographics of people. Families and also singles who may mingle.

What are your thoughts? Shout us out some other Capital Region eateries or bars that may fair well if they became national chains.


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