The management at Peddlers Bar and Bistro in Clifton Park feels that children have no voice when it comes to how many alcoholic drinks their parents have before they get behind the wheel of a car.  Peddlers, however, will be speaking for the children and cutting off parents who are driving after just one alcoholic drink.  I think this is a great idea, and one that all restaurants should adopt.  Do you agree?

It's a bold stance by a Clifton Park restaurant and one this is surely to have people feeling mixed emotions. As a father, I'm terrified of the notion of having (one) drink let alone multiple and getting behind the wheel with my precious cargo in tow. In a story reported by News 10 ABC , Melisa Gravelle, GM of Peddlers Bar & Bistro, explains that their wait staff usually catches the brunt of angry customers after they've been informed of the decision to stop serving alcohol “They do get berated at the tables and some come back very upset but the managers go to the table and they explain, we’re not picking on parents, it’s just something that we feel in our hearts is something that we can do in order to help,”

Kudos to Peddlers for standing up to parents and speaking out for the children!


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