Need a new idea of something fun to do with your kids stuck at home? Why don't you start hunting for rainbows with this newly trending local Facebook group?

The coronavirus has closed a lot of businesses, schools, and even activities to do with your kids. If you're stuck at home looking for something to get your kids outside, take a look at the 518 Rainbow Hunt for Kids.

The goal of the group is to get people (kids or adults who just like to color) to put rainbows in their windows for others to find. You put the rainbow in the window of your house and then post on the group the area or neighborhood where you live. That way families who live in that area can go for a walk and it gives the kids something to look for. That's a way to get kids to spend some time outside while also social distancing.

A ton of people have already shared their rainbows so if you need a new activity for your kids, take a look and see if any of these rainbows are in your neck of the Capital Region.

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