Bethany brought this little news item up on today's show, and my blood pressure hit the ceiling.  Let's see if you agree here…

I kid you not here. According to (who else?) Lindsay now has a clothing line aimed at men called "Addiction".  The shirts and other apparel actually feature her likeness on them.

My humble opinion 

Doesn't this make YOU mad out there?  She's has had addiction problems for so long, and I feel sorry for anyone who has them, don't get me wrong.
But for her to turn this problem around and market it as an actual product that people can buy? That she can potentially make millions off of?   Isn't it kind of thumbing your nose at the word "addiction"?   Doesn't it subconsciously PROMOTE addiction in it's own way?
Getty Images
Getty Images
Yes, I know that you can also be addicted to clothing, and maybe they're trying to make that connection, but I don't like connecting HER to that word.
Hey, I actually like Lindsay Lohan as an actress.  I've actually heard fellow actors say she is one of the best they've ever worked with when she puts her mind to it.  I wish the best for her and glad she's pulled through her REAL addictions, but I'm definitely not this as an actual product.
What do you think?  Would you buy one of these shirts for your man? (It is men's clothing only)   Would love to know!  As for me, I think this marketing company needs rehab.


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