While many retail stores are now free to open for in-store shopping, some Crossgates Mall stores are still waiting for the go-ahead.

The great news this week is Phase 2 of reopening is underway here in the Capital Region, which means retail stores can open their doors to shoppers. Which is why you could understand the concerns of some Crossgates Mall store owners.

Under the current rules, only Crossgates storefronts with access from outside doors can reopen. According to a CBS 6 report, this is "frustrating" the store owners who cannot open yet and Crossgates Malls ownership is actually trying to convince New York to reopen malls.

Based on how the various stages of closing and opening have unfolded, I can totally understand the viewpoint of these store owners, especially now that other stores right in their own mall have the go-ahead to open. Most stores are open at this point, and if big box stores and supermarkets can remain open while following social distancing guidelines, why can't the mall? If anything the wide-open areas of Crossgates or the Colonie Center would allow shoppers to properly distance.

Based on the fact that restaurants with outdoor dining opened ahead of schedule this week, it does seem officials are approaching the reopening guidelines with some flexibility and common sense. They are making changes when they are appropriate, and maybe the malls opening in the coming days will be the next adjustment.

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