It was recently announced that one of Hollywood's all-time actors will begin making a film with rich ties to the area - more specifically the Catskill Region of New York.  That actor is none other than Bruce Willis who has signed on to star in a drama about a powerful relationship between young, troubled athlete and aging mentor.  This one has potential to be a classic.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bruce Willis has signed on to star in the upcoming drama Cornerman as legendary boxing trainer Cus D’Amato.

Written and to be directed by Homeland alum Rupert Friend, the film is set in 1980s Catskill, New York and tracks D’Amato’s discovery and molding of a 13-year-old Mike Tyson, who would go on to become one of the greatest — and most controversial — boxers of all time. As Tyson rose the ranks, knockout stops in Albany, Troy, and Glens Falls are sure to be highlighted in this film.

The rise and fall of the great Mike Tyson is closely tied into his relationship with D'Amato, to be played by Willis.  It's well documented that Tyson and D'Amato had a kinship so close, that Tyson claims he was the first father figure he's ever had - perhaps ever known.  While fame, fortune, mental illness and societal pressures contributed to the demise of the former champ, many believe Tyson's greatest obstacle in life - and one that he never coped with - was losing his trainer, Cus D'Amato. The role of young Tyson has yet to be cast.

If I could buy tickets for this NOW, I would!

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