A few wees ago, Bethany and Justice White Sloan called me to make a request on their way to appear on the CBS Early Show.   The sisters' mission caught my attention and I decided that I wanted to help these young girls spread the Christmas Spirit.

Justice, a former Make A Wish recipient, wanted to collect 10,000 letters for Macy's "Letters To Santa" campaign.  Macy's would then give $1 per letter to Make A Wish.  The young role model from our listening area was selected to appear on the CBS Early Show as the National Spokesperson for the promotion.  In my opinion, it was the best idea for a fundraiser!  Now, everyone could participate by simpling writing a "Letter To Santa," regardless of their financial situation.

Bethany, Justice and their proud family joined me at a Country Dance at Shenendehowa Community Center to launch their local campaign.  Over 2,000 letters were delivered in person by several listeners and country dancers, and the girls were on their way!

I'm happy to report that the young ladies collected over 42,000 "Letters To Santa" locally and Macy's donated over $50,000 in their honor.  Some of the Letters earned $2 each because they were delivered on a special day during the campaign.  I hope you enjoy this interview with Bethany, who has a big "Thank You" to all WGNA listeners!