A once in a lifetime show could have happened for one lucky lady in Fultonville, instead she decided to share some holiday spirit with somebody else.

Yesterday getting to meet Ruth Kilmartin was a joy. Wednesday she was our grand prize winner in the 12 Days of Textmas. Her prize is one that I was envious of, she won tickets to see Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood perform live in Newark, New Jersey at the Prudential Center. Ruth was very devastated that she was unable to see Garth perform when he played three shows at the Times Union Center earlier this year. Sadly she is also unable to see him this time around too.

Its the holidays and Ruth has plenty going on on that day. Fist off Christmas shopping with a friend and there was also someone close to her who actually is performing on stage at Proctors. To quote her, "I can get out of doing Christmas shopping but I can't miss that". In something very admirable she told us that she would be donating her Garth Brooks tickets to Make a Wish.

That is something I feel many people wouldn't do but should think of more often. Ruth spread cheer to someone less fortunate. Thank you for showing your amazing holiday spirit!!

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