Don't call it being cranky or a complainer.  It's just that I've probably been to every type of New Year's Eve party under the sun.  I'll give you my list of the least favorite types of "get togethers" and then I'll ask you for yours

                      New Year's Eve Anywhere In A Warm Climate

I love vacations to exotic destinations but there's something about celebrating a winter holiday down there that's just not right.

photo by Richie Phillips

               New Year's Eve - just the two of us by the fire watching the ball drop

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Sounds romantic, but come on, folks.  Don't you want a little more excitement in your life than that?  You can do that ANY time!

A huge McParty at a HUGE facility that has different bands in every room

You know the type. You can hardly hear yourself think.  You go to the bathroom and you come out and forget which room to go back into?   And the song that they're playing in your room is drowned out by the band on the other side of the portable wall in the next room?  YECH!

Don't you want something more intimate, but not so intimate that you aren't around other people?   I'm not talking about this either

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There has to be a middle ground!  I have the answer for you.  Two CMA award winning radio guys- Kevin Richards and yours truly (no brag, just fact) are hosting a party to end all parties.  We would love all of our 'GNA friends to join us.  This is the first time we've ever formally joined forces and we've always wanted to do something like this for the heck of it!

If you would like to bring in the New Year the fun way - click here and book your ticket now!