So this picture was sent to me by an old friend (special thanks to Chris Crowley for this painful memory).  It's painful because I miss the hair terribly!  But that's besides the point

This was a promo shot taken when I was the nightly piano bar entertainment at the now defunct "21 Club" on Elk Street  in downtown Albany.  It was managed  by Donna and Yono Purnomo back then in the early 80's (I would say this was taken in about 1982 or so).    I miss that place as much as my hair.  It was a terrific place to play, as the piano was the first thing you saw when you walked in the door, so it made it the center of attention.  I've been spoiled ever since.  I've never seen a club feature the keyboard like that.  Plus, I met so many great people there.

Richie Phillips 1980's
photo by Chris Crowley

If Donna and Yono's name sounds familiar, by the way.  They are still cranking out the incredible culinary specialties at Yono's and DP's in the city.

So that's my Throwback Thursday shot for this week.  And when I think of how much hair I've lost, we should call this ThrowUP Thursday.


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