It pains me to come to the defense of any member of the Denver Broncos, but here I am a fanatic member of the Raider Nation saying give Tim Tebow a break! Here's what I see, Tim Tebow has done NOTHING wrong. He lives a clean life, shows up for work everyday with people telling him he's not good enough and wears his faith in God with pride. Is it his fault the media is so fascinated with him and he dominates press coverage? Is it his fault someone somewhere didn't meet our expectations? I say no.

In my life time almost all my heroes have shown flaws of one kind or another, so here I sit hoping this one man lives up to the extremely high standards he's set for himself. I am not the most religious man. I don't go to church and the list of sins I've committed would take a long time to confess but that is why I respect Tebow so much. I find it disturbing that so many hate a guy just because he plays and prays his heart out.

The latest assault on Tebow is he makes light of the worlds problems by "praying for touchdowns". I have two issues with this argument. First is do you really think there is a limit on faith? Like if I pray for a good show on Monday does that mean a orphan goes hungry? No faith should be infinite, there's no limit on how big we can believe so there's no limit on what faith can achieve. Second is how in the world do you know he's asking for a touchdown and not thanking God for the ability to get one?

I guess all I'm saying is why can't we just take this guy at face value? Why can't we give this one guy the benefit of the doubt? I want to think just this once that a athlete, star or politician is as good as they say they are. No skeletons in the closet, no dark secret and no reason to tell my kid it's ok to be like this person for what they do at their job but not how they live their life when the camera is off. I guess all I'm hoping is Tim Tebow is actually a role model.

I'll get off my soap box now and get ready to watch the Patriots beat Tebow today, but maybe you can join me in hoping just this once a person is who they say they are.

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