So the man hasn't played in 2 years, and didn't play well the 2 or 3 years before that when he was in the NFL, why not sign him anyway? Well, why not?

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Multiple sources have announced this weekend that former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow will be joining the Philadelphia Eagles as their number 4 quarterback as this crazy off season continues for the Eagles.

Many would argue that this is just one more idiotic move the Eagles have made in this off season as they have been cleaning house of the old reliable and even pro bowl players  and bringing in,  just about anyone it seems to be the future. I don't know though, I think it could be a genius low risk, high reward scenario.

Other than the media circus that would come from making this move,  I can't imagine the Eagles would have to invest much money to sign Tebow and depending on what happens in the upcoming draft he may never be higher than third string on the depth chart. Yet, we know the guy can be  a winner, and we know in this system, he  thrived in college.

So if Chip Kelly's offence basically REQUIRES a quarterback that can run to set up the option, who better than a guy that averaged over 5 yards per carry in the NFL and scored 12 touchdowns with his legs.

I believe, as long as the media circus isn't too detrimental to the team and the locker room, I'm all about guys , especially a good guy like Tebow getting another shot.

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