The New York Daily News interviewed many members of the New York Jets and it seems NO ONE had anything nice to say about Tim Tebow.

Many players wanted their names left off the record but said things like "He's Terrible", “Hell, no!” one starter said. “You got to keep defenses honest. You just can’t line up in the Wildcat all the time. That won’t work.” and “We can’t win running that sh–.”

Left Guard Matt Slauson protected Mark Sanchez's blind side off the field better than he has been on the field this year when he said

“It’s not even close,” Slauson said. “All the other quarterbacks know it. I have all the confidence in Mark. We don’t really have a choice.” Asked about the Jets’ two backup quarterbacks, Tebow and Greg McElroy, Slauson said the Jets really only have one other quarterback. “We have Greg . . . and we have an athlete,” Slauson said.


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