It's official NFL Fans, Tim Tebow and Tebow-Mania is now in The Big Apple.

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The Jets came to terms with Tebow who was sent packing from Denver after they signed the legendary Peyton Manning. You may have your opinion of Tim Tebow and whether he is a legitimate NFL quarterback is still a unanswered question at this stage of his career.

This though nobody can dispute, he sells tickets and he sells jerseys and he's a great role model. Whether they want it or not the New York Jets have an immediate quarterback controversy. Nobody who knows football could dispute that with Peyton Manning in Denver he was extra baggage and had to go. However in New York current Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is not setting the world on fire. His receivers don't like him and the Tebow-Maniacs will demand to see him on the field for the Jets. The NFL's most dysfunctional team just got more dysfunctional. Go Tebow! Here's the full scoop from ESPN.

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