Wine is great for so many things. It's relaxing, it's delicious, and it has some health benefits. If you like wine or you just like tasting things, I gotta tell you the three reasons I'm excited for this event coming up!

Wine Time Fest is coming to Saratoga City Center on April 26th and tickets are on sale now! This is the first time this event has ever happened and there are so many wines to try. From Cabernet to Merlot, to Rieslings and Rosés, Wine Time Fest will feature 100+ wines from all over the world. You can even get an extra hour as a VIP with a Champagne spree!

  1. Finding new wines: I love tastings because it gives you a chance to find new things that you may not have realized you liked with no worries of wasting money. Maybe you consider yourself a red wine drinker, you may find a white wine you didn't realize you'd like. Or a few years ago you ruled out all Merlots because of a bad experience, now, you can see if one of them may bring you back.
  2. Making new friends: This may sound strange, but hear me out. We all know that when alcohol gets involved, people get more social. People you've never met before become your best friends and you already have found your common interest- wine!
  3. Did I mention the tasting is unlimited?: Three hours of unlimited tasting for a great price. Nowhere else will you be able to try that many wines without having a limit. Go crazy, find your new favorite out of 100+ wines and it's all for one price!

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