Lauren Alaina will be the first one to tell you that 2011 was the best — and the busiest — year of her life, but 2012 is slated to be a monster one as well. Alaina will kick off the new year in Vegas before hitting the road with Jason Aldean at the end of January, and though she’s gaining new experiences by the day, she says there are still things she’s anxious to try out, like acting.

“I just want it to be as good a year as 2011 has been,” the ‘Like My Mother Does’ hitmaker says of the impending 2012. “It’s been such an incredible year — so many doors have opened to me that I dreamed of opening. Literally everything I’ve ever wanted to do, I’ve been able to do in the past year.”

When asked by the National Ledger whether she’s gotten the itch to ‘go Hollywood’ and give acting a try, Alaina reveals, “I have discussed that a little bit. Someday I’d love to do acting, but I feel I’m not really ready for it in my career.”

At 17-years-old, she needn’t hurry. There are still awards to be won, tours to be conquered and follow-up albums to be released, but right now, Alaina says she’s taking it one step at a time — starting with Fox’s ‘American Country New Year’s Eve Live’ special. “It’s such an honor to be part of it,” she spilled. “I’m really excited.”