It's strange how things happen. I had written a story about a casting call where they were looking for Buffalo Bills fans to be part of a national Amazon NFL commercial. I didn't really intend to enter but my future brother-in-law suggested I submit my video where I became a Bills fan. This is what I sent.

Think about this. I sent that specific video knowing they were looking for super fans of the Buffalo Bills and got picked. A lot of Bills fans are jealous and claiming that I am not a real fan. To them, I say that they knew exactly what they were getting with this converted Jets fan. Let me tell all of Bills Mafia that when I am passionate about something, I go all out. I will do you proud, I promise.

I am not sure what I am going to be used for. In the Zoom call with the director, I had to act like I was watching an amazing Bills play and react to it using the phrase "stat that". I guess I was what they were looking for. Here's how I dressed for my Zoom. Yup, that's a sticker on my forehead of a Bills fan jumping through a table.


I am really excited that I can now fully state my devotion to Bills Mafia by representing you all in this commercial. I am not sure how I will be used though. Either way, I am thrilled to be in an NFL commercial. Should be fun. I will keep you posted. Go Bills!

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