What do you get when you have an artist with a number one hit and a mob of terrible actors? You get the masterpiece that is known as "Brett Young and The Restless."

It's a little known fact that when the writer of the number one hit "Sleep Without You" isn't writing music he's starring in Soap Operas. Well, not really.

The GNA staff got to catch up with Big Machine Label Group recording artist, Brett Young before GNA's Jingle Jam and things got a little dramatic

We decided to bombard the country star pilot with our idea of a new soap opera. We wrote the script here at the GNA studios and tried to hit as many soap opera plots as we could in the short time we had with Brett Young. Check out this hilariously awkward video. Some of Brett's reactions are priceless.

For some reason Brett didn't seem to be too enthused with our soap opera or acting abilities.

In hind sight, I feel like I could have paid a little more attention in my high school drama classes.

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