A popular sporting goods retailer at Latham recently closed, but it is for a pretty cool reason.

It definitely came as a surprise the Field and Stream store at Latham Farms closed its doors. And then recently the Dick's Sporting Goods location did the same, albeit with a huge 'Temporarily Closed' sing hung above its doors. Both were very popular destinations for both local athletes and sportsmen & women to stock up!

Chrissy Townsquare Media
Chrissy Townsquare Media

Well, we know know the future for this Dick's location and it sounds like a pretty cool, new concept from the sports retailer: think sporting goods AND interactive sports activities!

Dick's Sporing Goods To Reopen As "House of Sports"

Dick's will now be adding some real sports activities in the new store concept! The Times Union is reporting the Latham Farms location is in the process of renovating and transforming into a 'Dick's House of Sport.'

The new concept will offer what the Times Union story calls "...a hands on, multi-sport shopping experience..." featuring "...an outdoor sports field, an indoor rock-climbing wall, a golfing area and an indoor batting cage." You will be able to purchase sporting goods, and engage in a truly interactive sporting experience.

House of Sport currently operates 3 other stores, including one in Rochester, New York.

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