With the events about Osama bin Laden this week, I feel we should recognize our veterans, especially this particular vet.

Claude Stanley Choules died in a nursing home Thursday, in a Western Australia nursing home. He was age 110-years-old.

In a story from AP, he was known as "Chuckles" to his comrades in the Australian Navy. He was also known for being the happiest as a dedicated family man.

He had many accomplishments in his life, including having his first book published when he was 108. He had a 41-year military career that spanned World War I and II.

His autobiography is called "The Last of the Last," which he remembers things like the day the first motor car drove through town, and everyone went outside to watch. He also remembered when cigarettes cost a penny per pack. Another thing he noted was after learning to surf, he found it strange he that black locals were forced to use a separate beach from whites. That was off the coast of South Africa.

I’m sure his book has so many great stories, about more inventions over his lifetime, personal experiences and stories about war. So to this great veteran, we salute you. Can you imagine what he has seen over the 110 years?