Could Amsterdam be the next location for a casino to be constructed? If local officials have their way, it will be.

In a recent majority vote of 3-1, Amsterdam city council members have 'thrown their hat in the ring' asking to be considered as a site for one of the state's new casinos. They are eyeing a 500 acre location just off Thruway Exit 27 near Route 30.

As an ageing municipality we're looking for new industry tourism and recreation is a billion dollar industry - Mayor Ann Thane

The mayor, along with the city council, are hoping a casino could revitalize the city as a whole including nightlife.

I lived in Vegas for a while and casinos employ 3,000-4,000 people. You got dealers, landscapers, people who do the laundry. - Amsterdam resident Richard Conti

The State Resort Gaming Facility Location Board will begin reviewing request applications next month. No word on how long the process could take.




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