I know, I know - she isn't a country artist, but I thought I'd pass the word that Lady Gaga got a concussion.  I know many of you think that this must have happened to her many times to dress like she does, but this is serious. Video clip to follow

According to Stuff.co, Our Good Lady of the Gaga was performing her last show in New Zealand when the following occurred:

The superstar singer was performing her song Judas at Vector Arena on Saturday when one of her dancers accidentally hit her on the top of the head with a large metal pole he was moving.

I'm sure she said "Oww Oww -A Ga Gaah - I Was Hit With a Bar" -  (Ok , that was wrong).

I seriously feel bad for her.  I have a very weird respect for her to be honest.  (Wow, watch the comment section blow up over this one).

I really do.  She works really hard at keeping up that persona.  She's always "in costume" and "in character" when she goes out, and I'm sure she racks her brain trying to come up with more outrageous things every day to get publicity and keep her name in the press all the time.  (plus she's a classically trained musician from what I hear)  She's got a lot  of guts, and I hope she's OK. And I also hope she never goes "country", but other than that, I wish her well.


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