No, it wasn't Neil Patrick Harris's opening number or lame jokes, it wasn't one of the heartfelt speeches or even a candid funny moment.  My favorite moment from the 87th Annual Academy Awards was indeed Lady Gaga's ode to The Sound of Music.

The musical is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary.  Lady Gaga performed a mashup of all of the best songs from the musical.  I loved it for many reasons.

That musical is one of my favorites of all time!  I loved the movie and have seen it more than a dozen times.  I love, love, love Julie Andrews!

And, while I do love some Gaga, I wasn't sure this was the part for her.  But I was wrong.  She nailed it!  She gave me goose bumps!  And, as much as I love Carrie Underwood, I'm wondering if Gaga wouldn't have been a better Maria for that live disaster that NBC produced last year!

Here's a clip of the performance!  Enjoy!

2015 Oscars Best Moments

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