It's very Monday.  Everyone in the room around me is in some kind of weird comatose state. I'm not immune to feeling this way either on a Monday.    I think we all need a good laugh, and I'm selfishly out to amuse myself and hopefully you in the process. I found this on YouTube and I'm trying to control my laughing fit.  Let's see how it affects you. 

I really have to give credit to Jimmy Kimmel Live.  This came from his show.  It's what we call a "fake commercial" in the business. ( I know I'm boggling your mind with all this technical terminology).   But here it is, without further bla bla from me.  Who needs bla bla when you can have Gaga Goo Goo? Yes, Lady GaGa fashions for your infant.   Enjoy, and have a very happy Monday.

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