Maybe you've seen these videos before, but it's probably worth it on this day, Presidents' Day, to have an instant replay.  These are very young kids who would put us all to shame with their Presidential knowledge

I don't know this little boy's name to give him credit, but we do know that he's three years old and he does a pretty good job reciting all of the presidents. I don't think he's using a teleprompter either.

How amazing is that.  I'm not done, though.  I found this on an old "Ellen" episode.  A four-year old, Eli Ford, who is a trivia expert.

And finally (although there are many many more on YouTube), this little genius who knows famous Presidential quotes and much, much more.  This might be my personal favorite.  What's yours?

Ironically, these kids act more mature than the members of Congress, so maybe they do have a future somewhere in government!   I hope you enjoyed this little break from President's Day shopping.  Now get on Wikipedia and start boning up on your history.  You folks are pitiful compared to these kids!  (and so am I)