Jacob Monday is the amazing 16 year old Shen sophomore who has decided to forego another round of chemo to spend the rest of his days fullfilling the wishes he's laid out with a bucket list of adventures.  Just a few days ago, one of the big one's was crossed off the list when Avenger's star Chris Pratt spent the afternoon with Jacob in NYC.  Up next for the young man, a date with Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen Show, he's closing in and you can help!

The community is rallying, tweeting, and hoping that Ellen and her producers see and hear what's being done to cross another item off his bucket list.  Mark Mulholland from WNYT News Channel 13 has done an a fantastic job bringing us the amazing story of Jacob over the past few weeks, and he's helping to lead the charge and spread the word of the young man inspiring the Capital Region one check mark at a time.


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