Remember the video of the dancing farmer from Sharon Springs? Love seeing local success stories make cable TV and that he will!

Watching his facebook live posts will make you a little emotional. Well at least if your like me and are an infectious crying type. To see someone so happy that so many millions of people not just from the Capital Region but from across the country too were able to make this possible is something that tears at the heart strings.

It really is just so cool to know that a simple view on a video can spur such success for someone. Especially a man that has the history of Jay Lavery. If you are curious to watch him and  what Ellen Degeneres does with him the show is on Wednesday at 4p locally on CBS 6. If you can't quite make it home be sure to set your DVR!!

Here are a few more videos of his Los Angeles experience with his parents!! Along with a preview of Ellen tomorrow from her website.

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