The Tide Pod challenge, The Birdbox challenge and now this: a new challenge unleashed  through social media that targets teens and encourages them to disappear.  The 'challenge' is known as the 48-Hour Challenge and it may be on the verge of becoming the next 'thing' and police want you to know about it.

According to a report by News 10 ABC, the 48-Hour Challenge has been circulating on various platforms of social media and it's targeting kids; encouraging them to 'disappear for 48 hours.'

In most instances, the child doesn't actually leave the house yet they appear to be missing.  They're encouraged to hide in closets, basements, or even under beds.

According to the report from News 10, there was recently a frantic search for 13-year-old Diana Clawson, from North Carolina.   About 24 hours later, Diana was found safely hiding under her bed.

Police are worried that if the 48-Hour Challenge becomes more and more prevalent, they'll be using valuable time and resources looking for kids that in reality, aren't actually missing.  While there have been no confirmed reports of the 'challenge' being done locally, it's better to be ahead of the curve in the event that a kid goes missing.


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