I have to be honest, ever since Kentucky Fried Chicken brought back the Colonel with Darrell Hammond I have been a little creeped out. I don't know if it was the character of Colonel Sanders or Darrell's portrayal but it just didn't sit right with me. I guess I may have not been the only one to feel this way because KFC has now replaced SNL Alum Hammond with another SNL guy: Norm McDonald.

When I first heard about it I was skeptical and now that I have seen the commercials with Norm as the Colonel, I am even more skeptical. It's not that Norm does a bad job. In fact I can say it is a bit less "creepy" than Darrell Hammond's version but I still just don't see Norm McDonald as the classic chicken hawker.

What I do see is maybe a trend where various SNL cast members come on claiming to be the "Real Colonel Sanders." That, I think, could be funny and last for quite some time. Think about it, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, it could go on forever.

Here is the latest commercial with Norm replacing Darrell Hammond as the Colonel.

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