KFC Honors Teachers With Free Buckets
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has supported front line workers throughout the pandemic and now they want to take care of educators who are heading back to school as the pandemic continues. Here's how they plan to help.
Who Has The Best Fried Chicken In The 518?
Proving once again that anything can be a thing, today is National Fried Chicken Day. One of life's greatest comfort foods for sure and an opportunity to discuss the best fried chicken you've ever had in the Capital Region!  Was it extra crispy or regular? White meat or dark?  Le…
KFC’s New Hot Dog Uses Fried Chicken As Bun
Gross or Good?
KFC has introduced an experimental product in the Philippines called the Double Down Dog.  Remember the Double Down sandwich, that used fried chicken instead of a bun?  This is like that . . . but with a HOT DOG inside.
So the Double Down Dog is a hot dog that uses fried chick…