Like any good southern gal, North Carolina native Kellie Pickler knows how to cook. In fact, the ‘Tough’ songstress was recently invited to demonstrate a few recipes on ABC’s cooking show, ‘The Chew.’ From the moment she walked on stage carrying a basket of pickles in mason jars (get it? Kellie Pickler makes pickles?), she was a complete hit on the daytime television show.

Not one to hide her down-home country side, Pickler walked on stage armed with her southern accent and equally as appealing charm. She even took it in stride when she was introduced as a country star who has “an accent that makes Paula Deen sound like the Queen of England.”

During a short interview, Pickler dished about growing up in the small town of Abermarle, N.C. (which is where she picked up her thick accent). Co-host Clinton Kelly joked that he knew about the small town because he saw a couple from the town — who was deemed the worst-dressed couple in America — appear on TLC’s ‘What Not to Wear.’ Not one to get offended, Pickler squealed with delight, “I know that person! I saw that episode!”

“We’re all related,” she joked about her small town roots.

While there, the singer set jokes aside to talk about her recent volunteer day at an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee, which was filmed for an episode of ‘Day Jobs,’ as well as her passion for the military and her whopping five USO tours.

After the interview, Pickler shows off her culinary skills by making a grilled pizza, zucchini salad and a Mexican corn salad. The cooking country star learned how to toss pizza dough and also received a few tips about zesting a lemon. Though Pickler joked about trying not to burn down the studio, she didn’t seem to be a problem in the kitchen!

Watch Kellie Pickler on ABC’s ‘The Chew’