Finally, Shark Week is here! For some reason America has a fascination with the week-long Discovery channel brainchild. It’s a time to celebrate sharks, their lifestyle and a chance to act intelligent because we watched the Discovery Channel the night before.

Promoted heavily on Facebook and Twitter, Shark Week causes all of us to go slug over towards our couches where we sit for a whole week, digging our fingers deep into the popcorn bowl as we begin to watch program after program, all dedicated to the knowingly-terrifying creatures.

And hey, here comes some shark memes to laugh at… while on the couch, obviously. Don’t move too far, you’ll miss Shark Week!

Couch Time

Samuel L. Jackson

This Song Is Better


Make His Day

Pimple Popper

Even Babies Love It

High Five

Taking Down Twitter

Ride That Shark

Happy Shark Week

Don’t Cry!

Oh, Another High Five

Step Brothers

Game of Thrones


Her Friend Doesn’t Seem Impressed


Look, Another!

Kick That Leg

Oh Boy…