The Buffalo Bills are a pretty bad football team, there's no other way around it. But I don't feel they deserve to be treated this poorly.  Every year, a team is so down and out on it's luck, that Las Vegas experts create an imaginary match-up.  It's always one really bad NFL team versus a top college team to see who the betting public thinks would win, and by how much. Would the Buffalo Bills beat Alabama. And if so, by how much?

I'm not a fan of the Buffalo Bills football team but I have love for their passionate, loyal, die-hard fans. The Bills Mafia are a fanatical bunch of stained jersey wearing, beer chuggin' rowdies capable of jumping through burning tables and other various parking lot shenanigans that would make even a Raiders fan blush.

But they don't deserve this treatment. The Bills would only beat a team of 18 and 19 year olds by how much?

According, Jeff Sherman, the VP at SuperBookUSA thinks a match-up between an NFL bottom feeder and an NCAA  power would have the Bills favored to win by 28.5 points.

While I do believe even the Bills would absolutely crush Alabama by 40 or more, the reply tweets were hilarious:

"Hammering Bama. Bills aren't scoring 29 points against the wind" -Will Brinson

"Breaking News: An expert believes the Buffalo Bills are capable of scoring 28.5 points in 4 quarters" -Ryan Fowler 

Funny stuff.  And certainly a fun hypothetical for sports fans to debate. But the Buffalo Bills fans (not necessarily the players) don't deserve this.

I'd be betting the Bills and laying the points.  I ain't betting against the Mafia.

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