I grew up listening to him. His posters were plastered on my bedroom and locker walls. I watched and loved (at the time) every hairstyle he's attempted (even that ramen noodle like phase.) He could've been just another guy in just another boyband but alas, Justin Timberlake is a star.

He's always had a certain glow about him, one that not many could look away from. Whether dancing N'Sync, crooning "Gone" or "This I Promise You," finally breaking out into the solo career fans were actually initially upset with (I mean, he left N'Sync!), starring in a film or shocking the world with his SNL skills, he's quickly risen to a fame level that Joey Fatone is probably pretty jealous about. But, can he do no wrong?!

Okay, so the movie career has been mediocre at best, however when it comes to the music side of things he's like the male Taylor Swift - everything he touches, turns to gold. So, there should be no shock at the anticipation had once fans started to see the tease of new music coming. Could JT possibly top what he's done previously? I think he has - what about you?

The biggest question now, when will the Memphis born and raised singer finally put out that country album we all know he has in him?! "Drink You Away" was so good, I had someone try to tell me it was a cover of someone else's country hit. I won that bet. Justin wrote and recorded it first, it's his song and it's a damn good country song. So good in fact, remember his since viral video performance with Chris Stapleton?

So come on, Justin! Lets get to it! We know that country album is dying to come out of you. Like Kelly Clarkson, we're all incredibly open to hearing it, so bring it!