Josh Woodward's entire journey seems like a miracle and with this next step, it's almost completely unbelieveable how far he's come.

Josh Woodward is a firefighter at Albany International Airport. If you're wondering why his name sounds familiar, it's because he was the man who went to the hospital with what he thought to be a simple infection. Once there, they realized it was much more serious - sepsis. Woodward was in the hospital for six weeks and ended up losing a hand and all ten toes. Doctors were pretty sure there was only a slim chance he would make it through. With the help of love and prayers from those supporting "Woodward Strong," his entire journey has just been incredible miracle after miracle. That includes this next step, literally.

On Monday, beyond all predictions of his progress, Woodward took a a couple of steps, according to WNYT. After doctors told him he had a 5% chance of survival and he survived, when they told him he may never walk again, he took that as a challenge. With each passing day, Woodward felt it was less and less likely, but he kept trying.

Knowing how Woodward has fought hard and strong through this entire process, I'm sure these aren't the last steps he's going to make toward recovery.

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