From Grammy winners to CMA winners, The Capital Region of New York has some talented people who've been recognized nationally. John Gray is the latest Northeast talent to take home a national award with an Emmy win!

John says that the 2014 Emmy win comes from "A story I did on Gordon "Gunny" Gundrum, a man who was born in a barn in Grafton, and ended up in the US Park service working security the day MLK gave the 'I Have a Dream' speech. He stood right next to Dr. King even adjusting the microphone when he realized no one could hear him. He's one of the few white people on the stage. Neat guy."

John Gray earns the Emmy in the Historical/Cultural News Category for his production Gunny: I Have a Dream August 28, 2013. (WXXA-TV).

As a former member of our team, WGNA is especially proud of John Gray's Emmy nod. From 1987-1988 Gray was the news anchor for WGNA's Morning Show with Uncle Fred Horton and Rhymin' Richie Phillips.

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