This story is incredible! First, there may be a dangerously rabid animal loose in the area but more importantly, the woman who was attacked had some very quick thinking that saved her life!

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of Fort Edward and nearby towns of a possibly-rabid coyote loose in the area. According to News10 ABC, just before noon today, a woman was walking along a bike path between the 5 Combines and the Village of Fort Edward when she came across the animal that attacked her.

Without any other options, her first thought was to jump in the canal and that may have been exactly what saved her life. After crossing the canal, she knocked on various doors looking for help. She had serious injuries to her face, arm, and leg, bleeding profusely. She was flown to Albany Medical Center.

Apparently, it wasn't the animal's first attack in that area, though. On Tuesday, a man was walking his dog on the same path when they were also attacked by a coyote. Luckily, he thought to record parts of the event so police know what they're looking for. Neither he nor his dog were injured. The bike trail is currently closed until further notice.

If you see an animal acting strangely, call the police (518) 747-4623.

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