October 4th, 1985, the earliest snowstorm on record hit the Northeast which buried some areas under a foot of snow. Airports were closed, roads covered over, all beating the previous record in October 1925. I wasn't around for it, but thankfully there's still video footage.

I was born in December 1988 so I missed out on this historic event but as I was looking through the local Reddit, and thankfully someone reposted the video. Since I didn't witness it first-hand, I'm only going off of what The New York Times has written about it. We've been complaining about the cold to hot strange weather patterns that we've been experiencing recently but I couldn't imagine having snow right now. Not even just having snow but having enough snow that there was no power and no way to leave your house!

You have to watch the video, though, it's amazing. I love watching older television and seeing the old commercials, the old graphics, and Greg Floyd's serious mustache.

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