Joan Rivers- the Fahsion Police Diva- deilvers! One might be hesitant to see an 80 year-old performer live in concert, but this is one entertainer that's just as exciting, relevant, and energetic as the new stars of today.

Joan Rivers is a fireball from the first word to the last. Recently playing to a packed house at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Connecticut, the actor-entrepenuer-comedienne, threw out one hysterical line after another. Entertaining a mixed crowd of all ages (with several Carson era seniors in attendance), Rivers made everyone feel young and hip, jokingly telling all 'old' people to get out and inviting all 'gay' people to the front row. The roar of the crowd was at it's peak with topical jokes about Rivers 'private parts,' the Kardashians, Paula Dean, the royal family, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Chaz Bono, Cher, Madonna, senior sex, vagina farts, and the crazy things we all do in our daily lives.

If you've never seen Joan Rivers in concert, go! Rivers' over the top, cutting edge, raunchy humor is worth every penny of the concert ticket price. The next time this icon comes anywhere near you, don't miss the chance to laugh your *ss off! In addition to being one hell of a non-stop live entertainer and booming business woman, Rivers is a great inspiration for seniors to live it up and keep going strong!

Considering Joan Rivers started in the conservative black and white days of television, it's even more impressive that this senior diva is more colorful, beautiful, funny and insulting than ever! Even more proof of her relevance and popularity in our social media era is her growing empire that includes the WEtv reality show 'Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best,' E's 'Fashion Police,' the internet show 'In Bed With Joan,' and over 2 million twitter followers.

On top of winning 2009's Celebrity Apprentice, the Emmy winning QVC shopping legend also released her 11th book I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me. If you were a fan of Joan Rivers from the Johnny Carson days, re-discover the comedienne, she's still got lots of laughs in her! If you're new to the name Joan Rivers, discover her, and you'll open your eyes to a great inspiration who will make you smile and remind you not to take life so seriously. Thank you Joan Rivers for giving us a good F*****g laugh, we all need it!