"You're Fired". Oh how I would have loved to be in the room when NBC said that to Donald Trump. The move away from Trump as the host of Celebrity Apprentice came after his initial statements on immigration and to this point NBC has stood by their decision. To be fair though, Donald Trump would not have been able to do the show anyway due to rules about running for office. NBC at any rate has decided to move on from the outgoing entrepreneur.

So  who will be the host? At this point we do not know however there has been a rumor that it could be Amal , the brilliant wife of George Clooney, but an NBC representative said, "I don't think that's accurate".

Who would you like to see be the next host of apprentice? Should it be a woman entrepreneur? Maybe someone who has a great deal of celebrity but not necessarily in the world of money? What about someone like Steven Spielberg? Maybe an athelete?

Who would you like to win an apprenticeship with?