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Celebrity Appretince Cast Announced
Full dislosure forces me to tell you NBC has not announced this yet the cast was seen doing some sandwich making task in New York City and a website named realityblurred.com outed them.
Here They are:
Former "Man Show" and current pod cast host  Adam Carolla
Former "American Idol" c…
John Rich Is The Celebrity Apprentice
I said when this season of the Celebrity Apprentice started that if John Rich doesn't win the whole thing I am going to boycott the show. Well, no boycott is necessary, as the Rich half of Big & Rich won the whole darn thing!
John Rich Makes Me Proud To Be A Country Music Fan
As I have mentioned many times, I am a fan of Big and Rich. When I found out that John Rich was gonna be one of the stars of this year's Celebrity Apprentice I was pretty psyched. He has an over the top personality and is just a very likeable kind of guy.
John Rich On Celebrity Apprentice
I am not a big fan of reality television but for some reason i really enjoy the shows that involve celebrities in some sort of competition. I especially love the "Celebrity Apprentice". Never liked the regular show with people i've never heard of, but i'm hooked when ya t…