You gotta love Jimmy Fallon my friends. Last night he did a segment about Robinson Cano coming back to Yankee Stadium to play after leaving the team to play for Seattle. hey listen the guy had 240 million good reasons to leave the Yankees and who among us can blame him? Yankee fans, that's who can blame him! So much so that when given the chance to "Boo" even a cut-out of Robinson they jump at it.

I bet they would rather "boo" him to his face, but if a cut out is all you have , you have to take what you can get. Do you wonder though, if they actually were standing face to face with the All-Star, would they be that quick to tell them how angry they are, and how NOT welcome he is back in New York?

Fortunately or Unfortunately for these fans, they got to find out exactly what they would do if they were face to face with Robinson. I LOVE the turn around each and every one of them do when he comes out to shake their hand.

Check this out: