The man was a frequent customer at a local jewelry store, but now he is a suspect in stealing several rings. Police and the owners need your help to find him. A man who, according to the employees at Jewels Jewelers in Rotterdam's Viaport, was a frequent customer always paying in cash, took an opportunity to steal several diamond rings on Friday, January 5th around 4pm.

Surveillance cameras showed the man that they knew as "Shaun Smith" waited until one employee was on the phone and the other walked to the back room. This is when the man reached over the counter and into a case grabbing four diamond rings and then putting them in his pocket.

When confronted by the employees, the man denied taking anything. He was told that there were cameras all over the store and they would be able to tell. He then left the store.

Police and the employees are hoping that someone knows this man and knows where they can find him. If you have any information, you are asked to call Rotterdam police (518)355-7397. There is also a cash reward being offered from Jewels Jewelers if it leads to an arrest.

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