Every couple has arguments, but not every couple can air them live on the radio. Jess and Jim are having a debate. Listen to both sides and vote to let us know who's right.

You heard both sides, now you get to vote. In the case of "Tighty Fighties," who do you think is right?

Have you watched the new Netflix trending show "Tidying Up with Marie Kondon?" It's a woman from Japan who became famous for her tips on how to keep your house tidy and strengthen your relationship while doing it. Jess thinks it would be great for her and Jim to watch about three of the episodes together. Jim thinks that he doesn't need a Netflix show to show him how to clean. Also, the woman doesn't speak English and has weird ways to view clothes (she wants you to thank them before you get rid of them).

Put yourself in their shoes. If this was an argument you were having with your significant other, which side would you be on?

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